The Importance Of A Domain Name

Why have a domain name at all? In today’s world if you do not have a domain name, you have no identity at all especially if you are a business owner. Domain names are the most important aspect of any business venture. And here is why anybody who has anything to do with them thinks so:

Just for the sake of understanding assume that you have a domain name, then, the address of the web site can be something like

If, however you use a free server, the website will look like Obviously, the former sounds more professional than the latter. It makes sense to stick with the first option.

For an online business offering numerous services to customers, a domain name is essential. The customer will find it so much easier to deal with the business. It not only enhances the image of the business but also gives much more visibility as a professional and well managed enterprise.

Another interesting thing about having a domain name is that one can have several email aliases and these emails can be used for different functions. One email address can be dedicated for frequently asked questions pertaining to sales. Another can be assigned to a newsletter service, and maybe yet another for valuable suggestions of the customer. Multiple email addresses for diverse functions are an easy way to create a positive impact on your customers. The word of mouth publicity by the customers will definitely enhance the credibility of the company.

Domain names which are simple and easy to remember are recalled by customers easily. As a rule shorter domain names work better though it may also depend on the kind of service the business has to offer. Your domain name works almost like your brand logo. Which kid does not recognize the ‘M’ of McDonalds? Catchy domain names have the same effect on web users. The utility of domain names can be increased to the maximum level if the domain name defines the brand name of your organization.

The home page which is established using a domain name will get high preference by search engines. The domain name usually integrates a particular keyword and this is the reason why a domain name bears more significance. Now-a-days search engines do not support such web sites which are hosted through free web servers because the tendency of getting error messages is very high so, in order to avoid this one should take the hosting services from a professional site and obtain a domain name that cannot be erased from the visitor’s memory easily.

One thing is quite sure from the above mentioned points that you will definitely gain significance as a business by obtaining a virtual presence in the form of a professional domain name. The relevance of domain names in enhancing the image of an organization cannot be ignored. If you want to maintain credibility in the minds of the customers you should go in for the facility of having a domain name and a good one at that.