Why Use Multiple Domains

Multiple domains are quite common for a website that needs to be referenced by more than one domain name. Multiple domains are usually set up to reference the index page on a website and produce the same results for the searcher. Multiple domains mean that one needs to pay only a single fee yet retains the right to create more that one domain name for his website. Usually multiple domains are used to create more and more pointers for a single website, so that every time a visitor fills in a keyword he is directed to the same website.

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If a domain name is hard to spell, then also domain name owners can get a second domain name for their website. In order to get more traffic, this strategy of registering multiple domains is also being made use of, as the reach to the user in this case is wider.

Why Use Multiple Domains?

You may be wondering why you should use multiple domain names instead of one unique name. Well multiple domain names do give you a lot of advantages as many have experienced so far:

Multiple entry points: – Multiple domains give multiple entry points to your website. If you have an online business or you are promoting your business the online way, that works to your advantage. Get a couple of deviations of your domain name and register them as well. It all adds up and gets the traffic to flow to your site. Consider another situation; visitors misspell your site name. Do you lose them on the WWW? No, with an alternate domain name they still manage to reach your site.

Registering multiple domains makes a site secure under the search engine indices.

Regional content: – If you have a website that is rich in regional content, you might purchase a secondary domain name to keep your original website indexed and simpler to access.

Search engine ranking: – There are hundreds of domain names being registered daily but only those with a high search engine ranking are able to survive and flourish. With multiple domain names the chances of boosting search engine rankings increase, especially, if the older domain name is doing well.

When to Use Multiple Domains?

Now that we have established that multiple domains bring in more traffic to your portal the question is when you should use them if you did not already get some at the very beginning when you registered your site!

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Ask yourself if you are getting enough traffic on your website even after search engine optimization. If the answer is no, then you need to register multiple domains for your website. Register all the possible domain names that come in your mind as each domain name serves the content of your website and can make your website popular. Multiple domains are a very economical option and one can go for it without dwelling too much on the proposal. So, all in all, registering multiple domain names is an excellent strategy for driving that extra traffic to your website.

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